Repeatable fields have been available in Easy Content Types for some time now, and have been quite popular. Since their release, a lot of users have been requesting that I add a “repeatable upload” field type that would permit users to add as many upload fields as they wish, just like the regular repeatable field. As of today, and the release of Easy Content Types v2.4.2, repeatable upload fields are now a reality.

Keep reading for a short demonstration of the new field type.

The new field type is easier to show than write about, so check out the demo below.

Haven’t picked up your copy of Easy Content Types yet? Head on over to Code Canyon now.

  1. Ostheimer Webdesign

    Great update – I love your plugins as they bring WP websites to a whole new level.

    • Pippin

      I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  2. Keith

    Does the repeatable upload get exporter?

    • Pippin

      Not yet, but it will soon.

  3. sstasio

    Hey Pippin,

    Nice feature, but I would like to kindly suggest that adding the ability to title the uploaded doc would be sweet.


    • Pippin

      Good idea. I’ll keep it as an option.

  4. sstasio

    Actually, I think it might be easier for my users to just use the text area field type for entry. I’m trying to keep it simple; you know, copy and paste.

    Hope your well, and thanks for all your hard work.

    Sean in SF

    • Pippin

      Different solutions work better for different situations, that is for sure.

  5. wholmes

    Content types looks incredible, but I notice that it uses the WordPress Media overlay. I do not want that thing anywhere near my users. lol! Will you consider adding capability to bypass the media window for straight forward uploads.

    • Pippin

      At this time I do not intend to switch to a straight uploader. I’m curious what it is you don’t like about the WP uploader?

    • wholmes

      I have seen the media window as a big obstacle for non technical users. There are way to many options and tabs for a simple upload procedure. The SB Uploader by Sean Barton is one of my faves when I build stand-alone WP sites. I use on for featured image and a a few more for attachments. I let the theme handle image re-sizing. Clients really love the implementation and simplicity.

      Just a thought.

    • Pippin

      I will consider using a custom one, but it’s not very likely, simply because I always try to maintain as much default WordPress behavior as possible. Doing this helps to ensure conflicts.

    • wholmes

      I understand, just sharing my thoughts on the current paradigm. I don’t use Content Types but the repeater upload field does make it tempting… anyway nice work.

  6. Sam C.

    Hey Pippin nice addition!
    A request of mine is if you can add section repeatables?
    Sort of like:

    —- Profile Section [ + add new ] —-
    Name field
    Phone field
    Info field

    • Pippin

      Adding repeatable groups is still on my todo list.

    • Jen

      I purchased this tonight, hoping the repeatables were grouped so I’ll be psyched when it is added!

    • Pippin

      Hopefully at some point.

  7. mcguffin

    Does no good without section repeatables. You said those would be included in this update.

    • Pippin

      Section repeatables? Do you mean grouped repeatable fields? I haven’t ever promised a specific date for that function.

  8. Hussain

    Awesome plugin! I just had one question using repeatable uploads, is there any way to render the image with a image size attribute in the template?

    In a gallery you normally have a small thumbnail and large on click, just wondering if i could render them both by specificing the size.

    • Pippin

      Not out of the box, but there is a simple function you can use. See the post (and last comments) here.

  9. mikc03

    Hi Pippin,

    Is there a way to use the repeatable Upload Field with Gravity Forms to upload multiple images in a custom post?

    Thank you,

    • Pippin

      Not unless you do some custom PHP to map the data that comes in from Gravity Forms.

  10. Andy

    Hi Pippin,

    Just wondering what you would recommend for adding link text to the repeatable upload meta field option. As an example, I’d like to use it to allow for multiple PDF uploads then render those links on the front end for download, but I’m just trying to think out a way to also be able to edit the link text from the metabox in the backend.

    • Pippin

      Is the end goal to have an image (or other upload file) that is linked to a provided URL?

    • Andy

      Hi Pippin, sorry for the late reply. The end goal would be for for this instance would be PDF files. I ended up just using a single upload metafield and hard coding the link text for each one. Admittedly this is not ideal, but it got the job done. I’d prefer to use the multiple upload metafield and be able to also dynamically give each one custom link text to download the PDF on the front end.

    • Pippin

      Without a lage customization, making a repeatable that would function that way won’t be possible, sorry.

  11. Paul

    Hey Pippin,

    My firm purchased your ECPT plugin and it’s really helped us over the last couple years!

    I’m having an issue w/the repeatable uploads. I have an Events CPT and I added two metaboxes: 1) Event Photos (to create a photo gallery) and 2) Event Sponsors (to have a gallery of sponsor logos).

    I can upload X number of photos and create a gallery w/out a problem.

    I can upload 1 sponsor logo w/out issues as well, but as soon as I upload a second sponsor logo, it gets saved in the Event Photos metabox.

    My two field IDs are ecpt_te_gallery and ecpt_te_sponsor_logo.

    Do you have any ideas as to why this is happening? Thanks!


    • Pippin

      Hey Paul,

      What version of the plugin are you using?

    • Paul

      Hey Pippin,

      We’re using Version 2.4.2.


    • Paul

      It seems we’re a few versions behind and are not being prompted for an update to the latest. How can I remedy that?

    • Paul Garcia

      In case anyone is interested: I updated from 2.4 to 2.8 and the issue resolved itself.


    • Pippin

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but glad to hear updating resolved the issue!

  12. Zaheer Abbas

    Is it possible to repeat complete section ???

    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

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