Post Connector (Formerly SubPosts) is a really slick plugin for creating relationships, or “links”, between post types. The plugin let’s you easily create links between post types and then connect individual items within a post type to items within another post type. It’s great for creating links between products and documentation, products and blog posts, courses and lessons, and any other kind of linking relationship you can think of.

In Barry’s own words:

With Sub Posts anyone can create custom post type relationships, without programming a single line of code!

My Rating: ★★★★★

$49 – Purchase

  1. Jason Bahl

    I almost asked what the difference was between this and Posts 2 Posts, but you covered that in the video.

    I personally would still prefer to use Posts 2 Posts, but I know some more novice WP Users that would find this easier to use as it has the shortcode, etc built in.

    Good review and good luck to Barry with sales!

    • Pippin

      The other strong point that SubPosts has is dedicated support. With Post 2 Post you can only really count on community support (which can be good), whereas with SubPosts you get high quality support as a paying customer.

    • Barry Kooij

      Thanks, Jason. I indeed aim to offer a more user friendly solution that can be used by more novice users and also in projects for your clients. And of course as Pippin said, Sub Posts comes with one calendar year of support.

  2. FlashBuddy

    Just what I was looking for. Needed to have Musical Events and then link Bands to the events. Since the bands change year after year, this may be just the ticket for having my events have update-able links to the new upcoming bands.

    BTW – 240p, seriously. What about us old guys with aging eyesight? how about 720p

    • Barry Kooij

      Indeed, this can be done easily with Sub Posts. Besides the advantage of making the bands more update-able, creating this relation with Sub Posts will also maintain the band pages offering each band a page to tell something about themselves.

      If you need more information, I’ll be happy to help out. Just send me a message through the Sub Posts website.

  3. Matthew

    Posts-to-Posts FTW!

  4. Manny Fleurmond

    I like that there is an admin page to create the links. I like P2P a bit better because you can customize it more but this plugin is great for beginners. Still wish it was added to WP Core. It just makes sense and is a logical progression of custom post types.

  5. James

    Hmm I’ll have to give this one a try, posts to posts has not worked so well on one of my customized websites, this could be the answer! thanks for the review.

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