As a plugin reviewer, someone that writes a lot of plugins, and someone that does a lot of support for more than 4 dozen plugins, I see a lot of bad code. Tonight I started a new micro blog specifically for showcasing some of the “gems” I’ve come across.

There are several goals of the site:

  • Educate others about bad code
  • Give real examples of bad code and learn from it
  • Have fun

The goal of the site is NOT to make fun of or humiliate anyone. Every single developer has written truly atrocious code at some point or other. If you haven’t (or don’t think you have) written any bad code, then you are either the most perfect developer to ever exist or completely blind.

With each code snippet that is posted I plan to give a short explanation for why it is bad and also link to good tutorials when appropriate. This new micro site will not be a tutorial site.

I’ve already posted the first two snippets, one of them from my own plugin, to get things started.

If you have snippets you’d like to share, feel free to submit them.

Check out the site!
  1. srcnix

    Nice idea Pippins.

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