Full Screen Background Images Pro is a plugin I first built seven years ago that allows site owners to easily configure background images on their site that scales automatically based on the browser size. As one of my earlier plugins, I’m thrilled to announce that it has a new owner and home. Last week, Scott DeLuzio and I came to agreement for him to take over sales, development, and support of the plugin.

The plugin can now be found atĀ https://fullscreenbackgroundimages.com/.

I am really excited to see Scott take the plugin further by adding great new features and bringing it up to date with today’s standards and expectations. If you have previously purchased the plugin, or are considering purchasing it, rest assured that you are in excellent hands with Scott.

To help ensure the transfer goes smoothly, let’s address some commonly asked questions for acquisitions like this.

Do customers that purchased from Pippin’s Plugins still get updates and support?

Yes! All customers will get support and updates directly from Scott for the duration of their license key. For example, if a license was purchased from pippinsplugins.com on June 1, 2017, that license will be valid for support and updates from Scott until June 1, 2018, at which time it is then necessary to purchase a renewal fromĀ https://fullscreenbackgroundimages.com/.

Can customers log into their account at the new website?

Once all customer accounts have been migrated, yes. Expect an email from Scott in the coming days with instructions on how and where to log in.

Can expired license keys be renewed at the new website?

Yes. Please contact Scott through the new website if you need any assistance in renewing an expired key.

Who should customers contact for help, Pippin or Scott?

Contact Scott through the new support page.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the plugin or the acquisition, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with Scott or I directly.

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