Six years ago I announced the launch of premium memberships to Pippin’s Plugins for access to advanced tutorials, code reviews, and other member-only benefits. I have been continually humbled by the response and support my memberships received from the WordPress community and I would like to sincerely thank everyone that signed up. Today, however, I have discontinued memberships to this site.

My ability to consistently produce new material and to provide code reviews like I used to has continually waned as the product side of my business has grown. For a long time I held onto the hope that I could find a way to get back to consistently producing new content for this site but a small part of me has known that is unlikely to ever happen, and so I have made the only right decision available: close down memberships.

Effective today, memberships have been discontinued on this site and all existing memberships have been cancelled to ensure no existing members are billed again. If you are a member and signed up within the last 30 days, contact me and I will be more than happy to provide a full refund.

NOTE: this does not refer to Restrict Content Pro. That product is still actively maintained and developed at

All previously restricted tutorials are now open to everyone. Please learn, grow, and enjoy!

  1. Collins Agbonghama

    Great decision Pippin. I certainly can relate because I haven’t blogged in months.

  2. Chad Butler

    I hope we’ll still see the occasional piece of new content from you, Pippin. Even though we’ve both been working in the WP community for such a long time, I always learn new things from you and I’ve always appreciated how solid your tutorials are. Thanks for the run while it lasted!

  3. Dave Navarro

    Would love to see curated guest blogs

  4. Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh

    I really love your content. And hope you can have more time to write in the future.

  5. Jay Holtslander

    As someone who didn’t have a membership, how does this affect me? Does that mean previous subscription based plugins are now flat purchases?

    • Pippin Williamson

      Jay, it means that all of the tutorials that previously required a paid membership to access are not open to everyone. This opened up ~70 tutorials that were previously restricted to paid subscribers.

      It does not affect plugins sold through this site or my other sites. Those are still sold per the pricing terms on their respective pages/websites.

  6. John Van Slyke Jr.

    Say it ain’t so, Joe.

    • Pippin Williamson


      Is there a reason this news is bad for you? None of the resources are going away, they’ve just been opened up to everyone.

  7. Pippin

    Note: this announcement in no way affects Restrict Content Pro ( That product is still very actively maintained, developed, and supported. This announcement only refers to the paid subscription that was offered on this site for access to advanced tutorials.

  8. Justin Estrada

    I look forward to any new product improvements Sandhills Dev produces sir!

  9. makeyoursoftware

    We would love you writing more as you provide extremely actionable material. I personally have gained as learning WP – Plugins.

    Looking forward

    Amit Jain

  10. billtwynne

    Glad to see your business growing.

  11. Carlos Vallés

    A sincere appreciation for the knowledge sharing and support to the WP community and the Open Source mentality.

    Carlos Vallés

  12. Diana Johns

    Retired, fixed income, donate my time doing (amateur) websites for a few friends and a couple of small, community non-profits. Was not able to view some of your tutorials before, andam looking forward to reading them.

  13. Kevin Roberts

    In one of your previous replies you said: “…tutorials that previously required a paid membership to access are not open to everyone…” but from the context I assume you meant to say they are *now* open to everyone.

    If so, how do I access the tutorials? Seems to still require a login and I don’t see where to register.

    • Kevin

      Never mind… I see the links are at the bottom when you scroll down. I was thrown off by the login sidebar.

  14. Twanneman

    Damn dude, that’s a generous gift to the community. THANK YOU ^^

  15. Michael

    Greetings Pippin.

    Where would one go now to renew a license for Easy Content Types and Easy Content Types: Bonus Meta Field Types

    Also, did you peddle much last summer? I was no where near a 1000, but did get some quality bike rides in. 🙂

    • Pippin Williamson

      Hey Michael!

      You’ll need to contact Theme Isle regarding the license renewal as they have taken over the plugin:

      I didn’t ride as much as I would have liked but I did manage to average about 11 miles per day.

  16. Martin

    You have some nice plugins!

  17. sophie

    great article very helpful thanks

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