Restrict Content Pro version 1.8 has just been released and with it I have introduced a brand new Reports page.

For a plugin that is often responsible for a very large percentage of many user’s businesses, the reporting in Restrict Content Pro has always been pretty limited. Today I’ve finished the first step in fixing that by implementing graphs for earnings over time and signups over time.

Here’s a quick look at the new reports:

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×457.png” width=”569″ align=”none” title=”Screenshot from 2013-09-04 12:00:49″ frame=”true” icon=”image”]

Note: with the introduction of the new Reports page, I have discontinued the Graphs add-on.

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  1. Christopher Blanco

    Thank you bro… your making this plugin awesome… Keep it up…

  2. Christopher Blanco

    Is their a way to update it easier then deleting the old and importing the new? and also can you add a export and import feature for all settings?

    • Pippin

      Using the automatic updater is the best way, but you can also do it manually by deleting the plugin then uploading it again. No settings will be lost, but PLEASE make a backup before doing that incase something goes wrong.

  3. Christopher Blanco

    Thanks @Pippin didn’t realize that feature… even better…

  4. TrueReach


  5. Peter Marra

    Hey Pippin –

    Due to security restrictions the server I’m running this on won’t do the automatic update. Where can I download the v1.8 zip? Thanks!

    • Pippin

      If you created an account while purchasing, or logged into an existing, you can download it from your Account page.

      If you purchased as a guest, then please register an account so I can give you access.

    • Peter Marra

      Okay I may not have completed the registration when I purchased. I see the account link so I believe I’m setup now. Thanks for the quick response!

    • Pippin


    • Peter Marra

      Ugggh – still not seeing it. Do you need me to send my PayPal invoice or related?

    • Pippin

      What’s your username here? I can look up the order and make sure it is attached.

    • psm9640

      psm9640 — email address I used for purchase is attached to that. Purchase was made 8/2/13

    • Pippin

      Great, go take a look now.

    • psm9640

      Perfect! Thanks!

  6. Christopher Blanco

    Awesome as always.. .could you add a change log section in your plugin? that would help out a lot on whats new 🙂

  7. torrey russell

    Is there a way I can display the report as a page or post so I can show it to non-admin subscribers… or for them to see the membership page. Our clients are experts in their field… insurance, medial tourism but not programmers… so we want to create a simpler way to access, update and monitor this information.
    (Our clients are complete technical-idiots and if we make the log in it will be a nightmare of support trying to explain everything)

    • Pippin

      No, sorry, not unless you build it yourself with custom PHP.

  8. Anthony

    Hi Pippin! I had purchased your awesome plugin Restrict Content Pro – Premium Content Plugin from The plugin is prompting me to upgrade the plugin however the account on Themeforest holding your plugin no longer exists. I have the License certificate & purchase code if you would like as proof of purchase. I would simply please love to upgrade the plugin as requested. Thanks!

    • Pippin

      Please send me the license certificate and also create an account here and tell me your username. I can then add the plugin to your account here.

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