There is one, and only one, true way to get really good at development: writing code every single day. Period. Of course there are aspects to becoming a good developer beyond simply writing code (reading tutorials, listening to talks, watching videos, etc), but no matter how many “best practices” tutorials you read or watch, the skills that make one a great developer will never become engrained unless you do it every day.

There is a great rule called the 10,000 Hours Rule that states it takes 10,000 hours working on a specific task / skill before you can truly master it.

Whether you want to get really good at the logical part of development, or a master at using, knowing, knowing, and writing functions, this mastery only comes from spending countless hours working at it.

The best way to become a great developer is simply to write code every day. Whether you are fixing bugs, working on new projects, reformatting code, or anything else, the key is that you do it every day. At least an hour a day is probably a good minimum.

Code every day.

  1. FranceImage

    Read code too !

    This is the great thing about web and php. You can see how others are solving the problems you are facing too.

  2. Toritechelli

    The outliers is a good book about the 10 000 hour rule.

  3. John Saddington (@saddington)

    although the art of mastering is never actually reached. it’s an arch that goes to infinity. although i like gladwell’s argument (which was based on an FSU professor’s research) it isn’t always true and very hard to calculate.

  4. Saif Mohamd

    Hi Pipen,

    Thank you for this great article, this useful for not only coding also for all kind of things, and also thanks for the 10,000 thing, I didn’t know, it seems very good. Thank you and keep the good work.

    Kind regards.

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