Never Remove the Default the_content Filters in Themes

There is a terrible, terrible practice among theme developers to remove some of the default filters that are applied to post and page content. The goal in removing these filters is to fix formatting problems with short codes, primarily column short codes. If you have ever done this, or would like to know why you…

Load Scripts if Post has Short Code

This is a really handy trick that I just learned today. Whenever we can, it is always best to only load styles and scripts for our plugins when they are needed. This tutorial will show you how to load stylesheets and scripts only when a post contains the short code that the styles / scripts…

WP Utility Short Codes Plugin

Easily insert nicely styled message boxes and download buttons into your posts with WP shortcodes. This plugin lets you very easily insert utility boxes and buttons, which can be used for any number of things, such as drawing your visitors to important information. For example, download links.

Add a Short Code to Your Plugin

Short Codes are everywhere; they are one of the main features that theme authors advertise, and they are tremendous tools for plugin developers. Adding a short code to your plugin is quite simple, actually.