Plugin Development 101 – Intro to Actions

In this part of Plugin Development 101 we take a look at another of the most important tools plugin developers use every day: actions. Just like filters, the presence of actions throughout WordPress are one of the elements that make plugin development possible, so having a good understanding of what they are and how they…

Let’s Talk Extensible Code

A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation at WordCamp Kansas City titled “Modular Plugins”. The talk was focused on the idea of writing extensible code when building plugins. I’d like to continue a discussion of the same topic here.

Check for Existence of Action Hook

Action hooks allow us to make our plugins much more extensible, and some times we need to be able to check whether a hook exists, or has been registered. We might need to check that a hook exists for a variety of reason, and thankfully WordPress gives us a really easy way to do that.…

Quick Introduction to Action Hooks

Action hooks are used in WordPress to perform functions, or “actions”. They are used throughout many plugins and themes to provide an easy way for users of the theme or plugin to modify the output or the way it functions. This quick tutorial will give you a good introduction into how action hooks work.