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Plugin Thoughts Episode 7 – Remember Core CSS

In episode 7 of plugin thoughts, I show you a demonstration of just how much CSS you don’t need to write for your WordPress plugins. WordPress core has a very large amount of CSS and you can utilize it when developing your plugins. This entry is part 7 of 9 in the Plugin Thoughts Series

Writing Your First WordPress Plugin Part 4

In part four of Writing Your First WordPress Plugin, I demonstrate how to load style sheets with your plugin. I also walk you through some best practices in terms of efficiency in regards to when you should, and should not, load styles/scripts with your plugin. You must be logged in and have an active premium…

Load Scripts on Plugin Pages Only

Loading scripts, CSS and jQuery, within a plugin for use on admin pages is one of the most common areas that developers make mistakes. If you plugin’s administrative pages require any scripts that are not already loaded in WordPress by default, you should always ensure that those scripts are only loaded on your plugin’s page,…