Batch processing for big data

When it comes to handling large amounts of data, there is really only one way to reliably do it: batch processing. The concept of batch processing is simple. Instead of performing one large query and then parsing / formatting the data as a single process, you do it in batches, one small piece at a time. If you have ever attempted to query or export a large amount of data and had your server timeout, you’ll easily understand just how beneficial batch processing is.

User Follow System – Part 6

In part 5 of this tutorial series we wrote the Javascript that is responsible for firing off the ajax events when a user is followed or unfollowed. Now, in this part, we are going to write the PHP side of the ajax events that takes care of processing the requests and sending a response back…

Using Ajax in Your Plugin and WordPress Admin

This video tutorial walks you through the process of using ajax in the WordPress admin within your own plugins. The end result of this tutorial is not a complete plugin, but it does show the entire process, step by step, of how ajax is utilized in the WordPress dashboard.

Create a Live Search in WordPress with jQuery and Ajax

A live search is a search form that displays the results for your search query as you type. When done right, they can be exceptionally nice to use, and going through the process of building one covers a lot of really important techniques that can be applied to many other areas as well. This in-depth…

WordPress Rewrite API – Part 3

In part 3 of the WordPress Rewrite API series, we will be covering adding custom endpoints to specific places of your blog content. Endpoints are extremely powerful, and in this case, they will allow us to enable AJAX in the default theme WordPress (Twenty Eleven), so that when loading a post or page, it’s all…

Drag and Drop Order for Plugin Options

The drag and drop method of ordering items in an option table is very popular, and also extremely useful. Rather than forcing users to manually enter “order” numbers to sort items the way they want, they can simply click and drag the items into the desired order. I use drag-and-drop ordering quite a bit in…

Process Ajax Requests Correctly in WordPress Plugins

WordPress provides a set of great tools for processing ajax requests in plugins (and themes). I’m going to give you a quick example of how these tools can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks. For this example, We’ll just be using some simple alerts, but they will serve very well for demonstration purposes.

Post Data with Ajax in WordPress Plugins

In this tutorial I am going to cover how to use Ajax to submit and process form data in your WordPress plugins. In order to tie things together, and to provide you a real world example, I am going to be working with the code used in my Short Code Contact form plugin.