If you want to restrict menu items to active subscription holders, or members of specific subscription levels in Restrict Content Pro, the Menu Item Visibility Control will make your job pretty easy and provide complete control.

Once activated, Menu Item Visibility Control will add an extra input field to each menu item, as shown below:

This input field allows you to enter PHP conditional tags, and the menu item will only be displayed if the conditional tags validate as TRUE.

If you want to only show a menu item to active subscription holders (regardless of their subscription level), enter this in the input field:


If you wish to show a menu item only to non-active members, then use:

! rcp_is_active()

The ! means “not”.

If you wish to show a menu item only to members of a specific subscription level, then use:

rcp_get_subscription( $GLOBALS['user_ID'] ) == 'Gold'

Or by subscription ID:

rcp_get_subscription_id( $GLOBALS['user_ID'] ) == 2

If you want to show a menu item to all expired members, perhaps to encourage them to signup again, use:


You must be very careful when entering the visibility options. A mistake could result in a whitescreen.

  1. Dobrodukh

    Greetings. How do I get access to the plugin Full Screen Background Images Pro that I bought from you on ThemeForest?

    • Pippin

      Please email me from my contact page.

  2. Joan Boluda

    Nice tip!! And great plugin. Very focused, I’ll use it per sure. It’s like widget logic for menu items. Great, great. 🙂

  3. Freddie

    Thanks Pippin!

    I would love to see a tutorial for achiving the same results but with widgets.

  4. Harish

    Thanks for sharing Pippin.

  5. Cesar Lee

    Thanks for the resources, this is good stuff. Cheers!

  6. Timothy DeWein

    Not working consistently for me. No matter what the settings are, some pages do not appear 🙁

    • Pippin

      Can you show screenshots of what you’re trying?

  7. Timothy DeWein

    Ouch ! :-p

  8. Blake

    What about restricting the menu items to multiple sujbscription levels?

    • Pippin

      Yep, you can do that use the || (or) operator. For example:

      rcp_get_subscription_id( $GLOBALS['user_ID'] ) == 2 || rcp_get_subscription_id( $GLOBALS['user_ID'] ) == 3
  9. Keith Logan

    Hi Pippin, is it possible to restrict the menu items to only administrators and subscribers? #thanks

  10. Martin

    Thanks Pippin,

    Very useful resources!

  11. dpk

    thank you very much.. Really clear.

  12. Marcus

    GREAT! Thanx!

  13. Elaine Brown

    Hi Pippin
    I want to restrict view of menu items underneath a particular page or post (under the parent of all subsciber posts )
    Sot the outcome should be that Subscribers of a group should only see there own menu items.
    Is there a way of making this dynamic, rather than having to input code to each menu link ?
    thanks !

    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

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