Restrict Content Pro is my plugin that provides a complete solution for selling and delivering premium content to paid subscribers. Up until now, it has had a severe limitation in that you could not really restrict access to content based upon the subscription level the member was signed up for. Well, now you can. With a small upgrade, you can now limit access to any post, page, or custom post type to only users of a particular subscription level.

This has been a largely requested feature since release, and now it is here. As shown in the screenshot below, there is now an option included in the “Restrict this content” meta box that lets you limit the content of the post, page, or custom post type to just users that are subscribed to the specified subscription level.

One of the really cool things about this new feature is that it can be combined with the other restriction methods: you can easily set a post as viewable only to users subscribed to the “Basic” subscription, who are of the user level “Contributor”, AND who have a paid and active subscription. The limit by subscription feature, also works with free memberships.

Watch the demonstration videos below for some live examples.

Using the Plugin’s Meta Box Options to Restrict Content

Using Short Codes to Restrict Content

  1. Ruel Nopal

    Hi pippin I’m using your restrict content pro plugin for one of my client. your plugin is great but one question i have. is there a posibility to make the post to be available to public or logout user for a brief period of time say 10 days trial and after that the post will be not be seen in public but for premium user only or they need to subscribe to access it. -Thanks Ruel

    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

    • Ruel Nopal

      Hopefully this will be an update to your plugin because i think this is the lack of the plugin as of now is it ok if i have to modify a little bit of the code to accommodate the clients want. -Thank Ruel

  2. terence

    Hi Pippin, i am doing a site for hair product where only salons can purchase and need to hide shop and price from public view, therefore just salons to have access and public not, can you suggest a basic plugin to do this, thank you, terence

  3. terence

    i have also only used the wordpress dashboard to load plugins, not sure about the short codes and so on, need stupid simple, thanks, terence

    • Pippin

      Will each Salon have a registered user that they can login as?

  4. Alexandar

    Question: We have create two membership plan.
    1- free membership
    2 -Paid membership,

    If user first subscribe for free member than i want to subscribe to paid membership, but we did not find any upgrade page where a logged in member(free membership) can click and upgrade their account.

    your prompt reply will highly encourage.
    Please help us

    • Pippin

      They just need to log in and then re-visit the registration page.

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