Sugar Event Calendar is a sweet, simple WordPress event calendar plugin.

Most event calendar plugins are either way too simple, or extremely overly complex and bloated. Sugar Event Calendar is designed to be simple, light weight, and provide just the major features you need for event management.

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  • Simple Event Management
  • Recurring Events for Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly
  • Ajax Enabled Calendar View
  • Large and Small Calendars
  • Events Custom Post Type
  • Event Categories
  • Show Calendars for Specific Categories
  • Simple Event Configuration
  • Easily Set Event Dates
  • Easily Set Event Start and End Time
  • Short Codes and Widgets for Showing Calendars
  • Events Archive, Listed by Date of Occurrence
  • Several Event-Related Widgets
  • Translated into:
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Serbian
    • Swedish
    • Hungarian
    • Norwegian
    • Dutch

Basic Usage

Once you have created your events, the calendar can be displayed, as shown in the demo, using the following short code:


If you would like to show a calendar of only events from a particular category, then do this:

[sc_events_calendar category="category-name"]

And if you would like to show events from more than one category, but not all, do this:

[sc_events_calendar category="category-name, second-category"]

You will also find several new Event widgets in your Appearance > Widgets page.

Along with the calendar views, Sugar Event Calendar also has an events archive that shows the events in the order they occur and in the same styling / layout as your current WordPress theme. The archive is located at

Live Demo Lite Version Support

Gravity Forms Integration

Want to use Gravity Forms for event registration or attendance forms? I’ve built a free add-on for exactly that. Checkout the Gravity Forms add-on.

Ninja Forms Integration

Want to use Ninja Forms for event registration or attendance forms? There is a free add-on for that. Checkout the Ninja Forms add-on.

Google Maps for Venues and Event Locations

There is a free add-on that will add an address field to your Event Details configuration, which will allow you to show a Google Map of the event location. Checkout the free Maps add-on.