This add-on plugin for Restrict Content Pro allows your members to pay for subscriptions through PayPal Express and via credit
card with PayPal Pro.

When a user selects to pay with PayPal Express, they are directed to PayPal and then back to your site to confirm the payment. This process is more secure than Paypal Standard.

When PayPal Pro is enabled and a user chooses to pay via credit card, the user will stay on your site throughout the entire registration process. The user simply enters their credit card information and clicks Register.

Securely Process Credit Cards

All credit card transactions are processed securely through PayPal Pro and no sensitive information is ever stored on your server.

Note 1:This is an add-on for Restrict Content Pro. Version 1.1.8 or later is required to use this add-on.

Note 2: you should still always have a valid SSL certificate installed on your registration page when accepting credit cards through PayPal Pro.

Note 3: you must have a PayPal Merchant account in order to use this gateway.

Note 4: you must enable and configure your PayPal IPN settings in order for PayPal Pro to fully function. See the documentation for instructions.