Inspired by my Creating Front End Registration and Login Forms and Change Password Form Short Code tutorials, this plugin provides a suite of front end registration and login forms that are a great way to customize the feel of your website, and make it feel more integrated. The plugin includes a short code and widget each for registration, login, and change password forms.

Aside from providing a great piece of functionality that is generally missing from WordPress, the forms included with the plugin are also beautifully designed, and there are several themes to choose from.


  • Registration Form
  • Login Form
  • Change Password Form
  • Widgets for Each Form
  • Short Code for Each Form
  • Data Validation
  • Beautiful Error Messages
  • Efficient Code
  • Plugin Settings Page
  • Multiple color schemes, including light, dark, blue, green, and red



The plugin is exceptionally easy to use. You can the short codes, and place them in a post, page, or text widget.

The following short codes are provided:

[login_form redirect=""]

There are also three widgets provide:

  • Login Form Widget
  • Register Form Widget
  • Change Password Form Widget

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