Easily customize the dashboard columns for all your post types. This plugin gives you a really easy to use way to modify and manage the table columns for your post types.

You can display post type entry titles, categories, tags, excerpts, authors, custom meta fields, thumbnails, and custom taxonomies.

Customize the columns for each built-in and custom post type separately with a straight forward drag-and-drop interface.


  • Custom columns for every post type, built-in and custom
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Edit columns after creation
  • Display:
    • Titles
    • Excerpts
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Custom Taxonomies
    • Custom Meta Fields
    • Featured Post Thumbnails
    • Publication Date
    • # of Comments
  • Separate column editor for each post type


This plugin has been discontinued.

  1. AJ

    Looks awesome man. Great stuff!

    • Pippin

      Thanks man.

  2. ed

    Great Job Pippin…BTW You have the best Tuts! Peace

    • Pippin

      Thank you!

  3. RJ

    This looks like a fantastically useful plugin. Especially considering that I just spent the last 2 days figuring out how to correctly code the function to do this. Does it also have (or do you plan to add) the ability to make the custom columns sortable?

    • Pippin

      @RJ – Thanks! Turns out sortable columns are quite difficult. They’re not that hard to do manually, but building a system that will allow you to make certain columns sortable is not easy. I’m hoping to be able to integrate sortability with at least one or two column types, but we’ll see.

    • Dave Navarro

      It seems pretty easy in version 3.6 at least. Hopefully you’ll add this feature. Even if it’s limited to alpha and numeric columns.

  4. Bruce

    Great plugin idea!
    The item I always have issues with is creating a filter for custom taxonomies that have been added to either normal posts, or custom post types. http://screencast.com/t/zyx9iIJhL
    Any chances of that being added to the plugin?

    • Pippin

      @Bruce – I’m planning to add that as an addon plugin for the Easy Content Types plugin.

  5. Bruce

    Pippin – that will be awesome as an add-on for ECCT. Adding filters is a real pain for custom taxonomies.
    Thanks, and I’ll be looking for the addon!

    • Pippin

      I look forward to having it available 😀

  6. dave

    We’re getting an error here. Any idea why?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘-‘, expecting ‘)’ in /home/danifurn/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/column-editor/includes/columns.php(12) : runtime-created function on line 1

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘-‘, expecting ‘)’ in /home/danifurn/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/column-editor/includes/columns.php(19) : runtime-created function on line 1

    • Pippin

      Dave, what are the names of the post types you have registered?

    • Pippin

      Dave, so it doesn’t happen when using Easy Content Types?

  7. dave

    Okay, we switched from Custom Post Type UI to your Content Types plugin. Then we tried to use the new Products Column Editor plugin and received the following error while trying to add a thumbnail column:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/danifurn/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/easy-content-types/includes/process-data.php on line 93

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/danifurn/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/easy-content-types/includes/process-data.php:93) in /home/danifurn/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/easy-content-types/includes/process-data.php on line 110

    • Pippin

      Dave, you got that error when trying to add a thumbnail column in the column editor plugin? Does your theme support post thumbnails?

  8. dave

    Hey Pippin, thanks for the replies.

    Important point: we develop in Genesis. Don’t know if that causes any problems.

    We only have one post type registered right now – Products.

    The first error I pasted here occurred when we were using Custom Post Type UI. Changing to ECT took care of that error. But with ECT and the column editor running, we’re getting that second error regardless of the type of column we’re trying to create. However, even though we get that error, the columns are being successfully created.

    • Pippin

      Does the error show at all times, or only after you have added the column? Basically, does the error remain if you navigate away to a different page?

  9. dave

    It only appears when I add a column. A refresh, or moving to another page, clears it.

    • Pippin

      @Dave – Are you able to send me login info? If so, can you please send it via my contact page?

  10. dave

    Just sent.

    • Pippin

      @Dave – Thanks, I’ll get to it shortly.

  11. Philip Downer

    Just purchased this plugin from CodeCanyon.net. I was a bit skeptical if it would work with the plugins I currently use for custom post types and meta boxes – Custom Post Type UI and Advanced Custom Fields.

    Took about 20 seconds to install this plugin and everything “just works”. I used to write the columns by hand, but this will save me a ton of time!

    Any plans to allow ordering/sorting by columns?

    • Pippin

      @Philip – Glad it’s working well for you! It actually already has column ordering. Just drag and drop the columns from the column editor page.

  12. manifestphil

    I guess what I was getting at was allowing certain column types to be sorted. For example, when I specify a column type of “Meta”, (a price integer for example) allowing the admin screen to display the posts ordered by that field in ascending or descending order.

    From a logistical standpoint, I can understand how difficult this would be to program, but would be a great feature. Perhaps begin by only supporting certain column types?

    • Pippin

      Oh, sorry. Yes, that would be awesome. I really want to add it, but, as you said, the logistics are really tough. On my todo list, just not sure when.

  13. Andreas Bufe

    would be a killer feature if you can add the columns to “quick edit”, also…. is this possible, too?

    thank you, Andreas

    • Pippin

      No, sorry, this will not be included.

  14. manifestphil

    Hi Pippin,

    One thing that I noticed is missing from this plugin is a column for the page order. This is really important when building some CMS type functions where the client should be able to order the items within a custom post type. I’m referring to items where the ‘orderby’ can be set to ‘menu_order’.

    • Pippin

      Yes, I can see that as an important feature, though it does seem a little silly to me when you could just use a plugin like the fantastic Post Types Re Order plugin.

    • manifestphil

      I know that there are lots of plugins out there for actually reordering posts and post types. The one you mention is indeed fantastic. However there are many instances where it’s more important to see the actual order that’s assigned.

      For example, I’m working on a restaurant theme. Within the ‘Menus’ post type there are two taxonomies. One for ‘Meals’ (lunch, dinner, etc.) and one for ‘Courses’ (soups, salads, etc.) Because I wish to query the posts for all items within ‘Lunch Meals’ and ‘Salad Courses’ the actual order as shown is irrelevant. There may be several posts that have the order of 4 assigned.

      In this use case, the page order is actually used as a CMS component. It’s nice to be able to see the page order at a glance, within a column.

      Make sense?

    • Pippin

      Yes, that does make sense. The Post Types Reorder plugin can change the admin order as well as the front end.

    • michael

      Pippin, do you mean the named “Post Types Order” plugin, when you mention ‘Post Types Re Order’ plugin.

    • Pippin

      Yes, that’s the one I meant.

  15. Paal Joachim Romdahl


    This plugin should really be included into the core of WP!

    Have a great day!

  16. adambundy

    Pippin, you should make a version of this plugin for the Users table. I could use that! 🙂


    • Pippin

      I will keep it in the idea box!

  17. Dan Ochiva

    Is there a way to include Google Analytics when using the plug-in? I’ve been using Google Analytics Dashboard WordPress Widget to add this to the Dashboard interface, but when this plugin is activated, it removes or doesn’t allow the Analytics plugin.
    I may be doing something wrong, but in any case I haven’t figured out how to include both!



    • Pippin

      By default there is not a way because the GA plugin registers its own custom column, which gets over written by Column Editor. It would not be difficult to modify slightly to make it work, and I can give you the guidance needed if you are comfortable with a little PHP.

  18. maratino

    i have a custom date in my ecpt meta. would it be possible to sort a column by this date?

    • Pippin

      Not through the plugin.

  19. Oliver Ibanez

    Hi Pippin,

    I just wanted to give a suggestion for this plugin. Not sure if its possible but it would definitely make this plugin even more useful.

    Like many custom developers, I often use several meta fields to hold specific values that often list details for a particular item, product or similar. As such, it would be nice to be able to list multiple meta fields in the same column so that important details can be gathered at a glance in the same column … instead of being limited to one meta field for each column. Hope that makes sense.

    Just thought I would share that.

    Thanks again for your awesome plugins!

    • Pippin

      Oliver, I really like your idea, though I can tell you that it probably won’t happen, sorry. I’m too busy with some other projects at the moment to add the feature.

  20. Jack Godot

    Can this plugin display custom fields inside custom post types created by the TYPES plugin? What about fields created by the Poats2Posts plugin (probably not but I thought I ‘d ask anyway. Thanks Jack

    • Pippin

      Show fields from Types, yes, definitely. I’m not quite sure what you mean by fields created by Posts2Posts–this plugin doesn’t create custom fields, not unless you’re referring to showing related / connected items.

  21. Paul

    I just purchased the plugin, but can’t get it installed through the WP zip uploader. Once uploaded I get the message (translated from Dutch):
    The package can not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    • Pippin

      You need to unzip the file you downloaded from Code Canyon and then upload the .zip file contained within.

  22. Paul

    Oops…. you are right.

  23. Paul

    I’m trying to set the column width, but it seems that the values are not accepted. I can enter any value in the column width field, but the output is always the same.

    • Pippin

      Are you including “px” in the width (you shouldn’t)?

    • paul_r

      No, I’m not including the “px”.
      Couldn’t it be a caching thing. When I clear my browsers cache the correct values are in the css, but any changes made from that moment are not made to the css (column-css).

    • Pippin

      That does sound like a caching issue. Are you using a caching plugin and caching the admin?

    • paul_r

      I only use ECPT (great plugin btw), Manage WP-worker, Duplicator and the PT Column Editor plugin.

      In the plugins file columns-css.php there is a expires header set. Could this be it?

    • Pippin

      Yes, that is most likely it. Can you try removing that to see if it fixes it?

    • paul_r

      Yes, that fixes it.

  24. GregorH

    Hello, I have two problems with your plugin:

    1. I use WPML (multilingual) and after installing the plugin column that used to show the status of translation does not show up anymore and this important column is not in the dropdown list of available columns to show 🙁

    2. Because of problem 1 I want to uninstall the plugin but I cant !!!!!!!!! 🙁
    After clicking on “disable” your questionair page pops up asking for the reason of uninstall and from this point the wheel keep turning…. no chance to uninstall AT ALL.

    • Pippin


      1. I’m sorry but I cannot guarantee compatibility with third party plugins. I have worked to include compatibility for some but WPML is not one of them.

      2. That isn’t caused by Column Editor. I believe that’s added by another plugin you have installed that modifies the WordPress plugin installer. I’ve seen that before and I believe there is a “skip” option at the bottom of the screen.

  25. GregorH

    Hi Pippin. thanks for answering !

    1. to bad, WPML is the most important plugin for me and the only plugin I use on 100% my client pages. (living on a touristic island every web site has to be multilingual)

    2. Right, there IS a skip option but this just leads to a 404 page …. and the plugin stays active.

    • Pippin

      2. You need to get rid of the plugin that is adding in the “Why are you deactivating” message.

  26. Rob Utter

    Hey Pippin,

    Quick question on the PTCE: If I’ve removed/not using the “Title” for a custom post type, is there a way to add an “Edit/Delete” column so the post can be accessed from the column view? Obviously, once I don’t use the Title I lose that link. (Maybe I’m missing the obvious answer like don’t remove the Title.)

    Thanks for your site and instruction … it’s been great!

    • Pippin

      No sorry, that’s not possible.

  27. Dave Navarro

    Two features I’d love to see… Ability to set the width of a column. And the ability to add a column that executes a shortcode. That way I could write custom code to display.

    • Dave Navarro

      Also, I know this is on Codecanyon, but shouldn’t you include a direct link to the item on CC somewhere in your post?

    • Pippin

      The width of columns is already included. Executing a short code is not, but that is an interesting idea.

      There is one. It’s the blue “Download” button.

    • Dave Navarro

      The download button isn’t blue. And it really doesn’t stand out.

      Also, I’d prefer to buy directly on the site if possible.

    • Pippin

      The plugin will be moved to this site at some point.

  28. Mikee88

    Column editor isn’t showing any existing columns when I click on it & does nothing if I try to add one. Disabled all plugins with default theme. You know what might the problem?

    • Pippin

      Are you on multisite?

    • Mikee88

      Sorry, was away for a while. No, it’s on a regular install. Thanks.

    • Pippin

      Which post type?

    • Mikee88

      All of them (custom, regular posts etc.)

    • Mikee88

      Disregard that last comment. It actually is only custom post types (using your post type plugin).

    • Pippin

      Ok that is intended behavior then. Custom post types can vary a lot so columns are not preloaded since I have no way of detecting what columns might be registered.

    • Mikee88

      Ahh, okay. It was confusing at first because when I first left the comment, I was not able to add a column, but now I can 🙂 Not sure what that was about, but bottom line, it works now. Thanks!

  29. Kenneth Danielsen

    Hey Pippin,

    First off – great plugin!

    I’ve defined a custom field group for my custom post type which includes an image. How do I display this image? I’ve tried using the “thumbnail” type and also using the “meta field” – but it just outputs the image string.


    • Pippin

      Sorry, that isn’t possible.

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