The premium subscription option for Pippin’s will be made available sometime around Christmas. While the system is in the works, I’d love to get feedback from all of you on the kind of benefits you’d like to receive. The premium service will function very similar to the current members-only sections, except it will be based on a paid, monthly subscription. Expect the subscription to cost between $5-$10 per month.

So the site will be broken up into three levels:

1. Free – this content is available to all users, logged-in or not
2. Members Only – this content is available to logged-in members only, free and paid
3. Paid Members Only – this content is only available to logged-in members that have an active subscription

The goal of the subscription service is to provide a way for me to consistently provide all of you with a much higher level of content, in terms of quality, and also on a much more frequent basis. It will also allow me to release “premium level” plugins, such as those I have available from Code These premium level plugins will be completely free to all subscribers.

So, while there is still a month or so left before the subscription service is ready, it’s time for all of you to tell me exactly what you would like to see in your subscription.

Please vote or leave a comment on the Facebook page, or leave a comment here. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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