I am thrilled to announce the launch of a new plugin development course for those wanting to begin their adventure into the world of WordPress plugin development. It is an introductory course that walks you through every step of writing a plugin from start to finish. The course focuses on writing a simple, yet very functional, plugin called Simple Post Expiration. The plugin lets you assign expiration dates to posts and then automatically modify the post titles with an Expired prefix once the post is expired.

The course is hosted on WPSessions and is available to all VIP members of the website. If you are not familiar with WPSessions, I highly encourage you to check it out, not just for this course but for all of the other phenomenal material Brian Richards has managed to put together over the last year. It includes content from some of the best developers and business owners in the WordPress ecosystem.

Throughout the multi-part course, I walk you through numerous integral WordPress APIs that are used in just about every plugin:

  • Using action and filter hooks
  • The settings API
  • Registering a metabox
  • Saving custom meta fields when a post is updated
  • Registering short codes
  • Registering widgets
  • Loading scripts and styles
  • Following WordPress core coding standards
  • Internationalization
  • Submitting the plugin to WordPress.org

The plugin created in the course is simple, but is an exceptional learning example as it illustrates some  of the most fundamental practices and tools that we use in plugin development every day.

Here’s a quick introduction to the course:

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  1. Craig Grella

    Just wondering how this might differ, other than subject matter, from the plugin dev tuts on your site?

    • Pippin

      In terms of overall subject matter, it’s not that much different. The main difference is simply the plugin that is built through out the course. I’ve gone through several complete plugins on this site (User Follow System, User Image Galleries, Working with Stripe, etc), but this is an entirely different plugin.

      If I was to “classify” this course in some way in relation to the courses on this site, I’d call it “complementary”. It’s another in-depth look at building a plugin from start to finish, but the plugin has a different focus than anything built on this site.

  2. Jason

    Is the whole course free or just the first two sections?

    • Pippin

      It is a paid course and requires a VIP membership on WPSessions: http://goo.gl/wHifBX

    • Abdi A

      Pippin, tell your subscribers the your WP Sessions tutorial is free now I think it is free now.

    • Pippin

      It is not, sorry.

  3. Jonathan Daggerhart

    Will these ever be available on this site?

    • Pippin

      No sorry, it was contracted by Brian of WPSessions so I cannot publish it here.

  4. bader alotaibi

    as i’m a yearly member in here , can you give us special pass or discount to the course ?

    • Pippin

      Not at this time, sorry.

  5. Darren Li

    I am still new to WP plugin development. I find your tutorials are very helpful.

    My goal is to develop add-on for other plugins. Do you have any suggestion on the order of tutorial series I should take?


    • Pippin

      What level of comfort do you have with PHP?

    • Darren Li

      I am an experienced .net (C#/VB) developer. I am not fluent in PHP coding. But I can understand most of PHP codes.

    • Darren Li

      Thank you, I am taking “plugin-development-101” right now. In which video particularly I could learn how to develop an “add-on”?

    • Pippin

      An add-on for other plugins?

    • Darren Li

      Yes, an add-on for other plugins?

    • Pippin

      No part in the course explicitly discusses how to build add-ons, but there are two primary sections you will want to watch:

      Introduction to Filters
      Introduction to Actions

    • Darren Li

      Thank you! I will try to understand more about the Filters & Actions.

  6. Sajan Kota

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information. Very useful for newbie WordPress plugin developers.

  7. Diane Corriette

    I just found you on YouTube. Never (EVER) thought about creating my own plugins but I love the idea of it. Not sure if support is a nightmare or not.
    I run a multisite and would love to have it full of my own plugins and themes rather than keep buying different ones.

    Looking forward to seeing how far I go.

  8. Kyle

    Hi Pippin, what is the advantage of staying a member here if the video content you are creating is going to be premium courses that are charged for and no discount for your members or availability here. Seems like if you are creating the content you would reserve the right to use it here. I will have to rethink my renewal when it comes up.

    Thank you,

    • Pippin

      Hi Kyle,

      This course was a one-off production that was produced because Bryan from WP Sessions contracted me to record it for his website. It was only posted here in order to make it more visible to my readers.

      I will continue, and still am, producing content for this website. Just this week I released part 1 and 2 of a new members-only series on building short codes.

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