Welcome to the New Year everyone! I’m really excited to announce that the subscriptions to my premium content are now open and ready for subscribers. As a “welcome to the new year” present, I have a discount code available for all of you who choose to activate your subscriptions early. By registering, you will get immediate access to the subscriber-only tutorials that are now available on the site, as well as gain access to previews of new plugins, member-only giveaways, and more as the year progresses. Read on to get your discount code.

Using the discount code below will give you a 10% discount on your subscription price, and not just for the first month, but for the entire duration of your subscription. This means that if you sign up for an entire year, you will save 10% on every annual payment, forever, or as long as your subscription is not cancelled.

[box style=”note”]Enter 2012 during registration and save 10% and your entire subscription – EXPIRED[/box]

This discount will only be valid for a short time, so sign up now to save substantially.

If you’re not quite convinced, then check out the list of member only tutorials, and also the list of premium subscriber only tutorials / plugins.

Head on over to the Join the Site page to get signed up!

  1. donnacha

    Will there be any level of subscription that includes access to all your plugins, including the ones you sell via Code Canyon?

    • Pippin

      Unfortunately no. The Code Canyon (Envato) license doesn’t permit it. Instead, I will be periodically releasing plugins here (instead of on Code Canyon), that subscribers will have full access to. Non subscribers will still be able to purchase the plugin as well. Some plugins will continue to be released on Code Canyon, but not all.

      I’m also going to run a lot of “pre-release” giveaways for Code Canyon plugins, and these will be available to subscribers only, probably.

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