Simple WordPress Widget Template

Widgets are utilized by tons of WordPress themes and plugins as a way to display customized content in various locations, and they’re relatively easy to create, as long as you have the appropriate resources. The code below will give you everything you need to make extensive and advanced widgets that can do anything you want.…

Write a Better Related Posts Plugin for Custom Taxonomies

Related Posts Plugins are very popular as a method for WordPress users to display related content at the end of their posts, providing the reader with additional relevant content. Typically, related posts plugins use Post Tags to compare posts and find those that are related to the currently displayed post.

Post Data with Ajax in WordPress Plugins

In this tutorial I am going to cover how to use Ajax to submit and process form data in your WordPress plugins. In order to tie things together, and to provide you a real world example, I am going to be working with the code used in my Short Code Contact form plugin.

Load Scripts on Plugin Pages Only

Loading scripts, CSS and jQuery, within a plugin for use on admin pages is one of the most common areas that developers make mistakes. If you plugin’s administrative pages require any scripts that are not already loaded in WordPress by default, you should always ensure that those scripts are only loaded on your plugin’s page,…

Add a Short Code to Your Plugin

Short Codes are everywhere; they are one of the main features that theme authors advertise, and they are tremendous tools for plugin developers. Adding a short code to your plugin is quite simple, actually.