Braintree payments has been supported by Restrict Content Pro since November, 2013, but it was originally released as a 3rd-party extension developed Dev7studios. Today I am pleased to announce that Braintree Payments for Restrict Content Pro is now an officially supported extension that I maintain and sell through this website.

Gilbert of Dev7studios contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I would be interested in taking over the Braintree extension since he was working to cut down on the number of plugins Dev7studios offered in order to better focus on their primary products. I have always liked Gilbert and I knew that there were quite a few users of the Braintree payments gateway, so we worked out a deal for me to acquire the plugin.

Today is the first day that Braintree payments for Restrict Content Pro is available through this website and I’m very excited for the future of this extension.

Existing Customers:

If you previously purchased the Braintree gateway from Dev7studios, your purchase will be fully honored on this website. Simply open a support ticket and provide proof of purchase and I will generate you a new license key so that you can have access to automatic updates and support through this website.