Better Recent Posts Widget Pro provides a greatly enhanced recent posts widget. The default recent posts widget that comes with WordPress offers almost zero control over which posts are displayed, or how they are displayed. This widget fixes that.


  • New Recent Posts Widget
  • 11 Options to Choose from on a per-widget basis
  • Widget Title
  • Post Author Display
  • Post Date Display
  • Post Comment Count Display
  • Post Excerpt Display with Length Control
  • Post Display Order
  • Post Sorting Method
  • Number of Posts to Show
  • Post Offset
  • Featured Thumbnail Display
  • Thumbnail Size Control
  • Show Posts from Custom Taxonomy
  • Choose the Taxonomy Terms to Show Posts From
  • Show Entries from Custom Post Types
  • Multiple Widget Instance Support

Video Demonstration

Better Recent Posts Widget Pro provides unparalleled control over how your recent posts are controlled, and fits seamlessly into all WordPress themes.

  1. Ian Douglas

    Really nice work!

  2. Ken doughty

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to build a roller rink site that would show on the homepage (under the main slider) a list of upcoming events in date order (latest at top). Can this widget do this or can you recommend one of your other ones too, like the custom post types? Is this achievable .

    Many thanks in advance


  3. andew

    waw.. this is really cool.. im trying to look for some useful stuffs the whole night and I found what i really want here..

  4. chrismalone617

    Is there a way to use an rss feed for the recent posts so I can include posts from another blog I have?

    • Pippin

      No, not with this plugin.

  5. Michael

    This is a nice Plugin, but I am having an issue in that each of the items shows up with a “dot” before the Post name and at the end there is an errant “dot”.
    How does one get ride of the errant “dot:”?

    • Pippin

      The problem is caused by your theme not appropriately accounting for widgets in its CSS. If you show me a live URL, I can help you.

  6. Bill Mansell

    I love your plugin, it delivers just the right content, right where I need it. Question, is there a way to modify the output so that the thumbnail is below the headline (with the description wrapped around the image) rather than to the left of the headline with the headline squished to the right? This way, the headline can extend all the way across the top. Please help me to make this modification.

    • Pippin

      The only way to modify the output is to tweak the plugin file itself.

  7. eric kindley

    Hey Pippin, Awesome widget. I wondered if yoiu know of a custom widget that would display the Category on the left and Recent Posts on the right of the widget similar to Is this something that could be purchased? Thank you in advance


    • Pippin

      I don’t, sorry.

  8. Donato

    Are there shortcodes available so that I can use this in a page? Also, if shortcodes work, is there a way to make it so I can show posts from just one category on different pages?

    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  9. Leun Kim


    I recently purchased Better Recent Posts Pro at CodeCanyon.

    And I applied this on my blog :

    It works well at the side bar, but I think there is too much spaces between the gray bars as you can see at

    So I want to reduce the spaces between the gray bar and the gray bar which separates the items by changing some codes in the plugin folder.

    I also purchased Better Recent Comments, but this plugin works well, there is no space like Better Recent Posts Pro.

    Please help me.

    Best Regards,


  10. Al

    Good day! I have frontend user profle page. I need to show on profile page recent post by current user. Its possible? If not maybe another your plugin can make it?

    • Pippin

      Sorry, that is not possible.

  11. Jacob Dubail

    Hi Pippin,

    Love using this plugin. So nice.

    One feature that would be really great is the ability to exclude one taxonomy term by id. This would result in posts showing from all terms in that taxonomy except for the excluded id. We could use the standard “-id” syntax. What do you think?


    • Jacob Dubail

      We could insert the following at line 69:

      `if ( $cats[0] $in`

      Definitely needs a bit more effort, but should get anyone close who needs it.


    • Jacob Dubail

      That code again:

      if ( $cats[0] < 0 ) {
      $in = 'NOT IN';
      } else {
      $in = 'IN';

  12. judy

    Can you tell me how to remove the hyphen that appears after the author’s name? I am using this plugin to show the Title of the Post, by The Author with no date.


    PS Also, can you tell me how to remove “by” that precedes the Author’s name?

    • Pippin

      Are you comfortable with a small snippet of CSS?

  13. Youcef

    Seems to be à good plugin, tonna try IT soon.

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